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News of Nakhchivan

Children in the war

Why should children die in the Caucasus again?

Recent events show that preparations for war are underway in the Caucasus region. Thus, during the rallies in Armenia, opposition representatives promise to work for the annexation of Karabakh to Armenia, and the issue of Karabakh will become more relevant with their coming to power. At the same time, statements by high-ranking officials that the Azerbaijani army will respond more seriously in the event of Armenia’s re-occupation plans in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict indicate that a new war is imminent.

Shamil Gaziyev

Famous artist of Nakhchivan Shamil Gaziyev

Famous artist Shamil Gaziyev was born on March 30, 1908 in the ancient land of Azerbaijan, Irevan. At that time, the Gaziyev family was one of the well-known and intellectual generations of Irevan. As a result of political events in Yerevan and genocides against Muslims, the Gaziyev family, like dozens of Azerbaijanis, moved to Nakhchivan.

Military-political situation in Nakhchivan. Part I

After the establishment of Soviet power in Baku, the situation in Nakhchivan remained very difficult and contradictory. The Communists, who were sent by the Central Committee of the AKP to Nakhchivan, had to conduct active propaganda among the population of the ideas of Soviet power together with the local Bolsheviks. So, authorized XI Red Army comrade. On June 24, 1920, Buniyat-Zade telegraphed the chairman of the Azrevkom N. Narimanov the following: “Soviet power in Nakhchivan: joins the Soviet power of Azerbaijan; there is complete order.” However, in reality the situation in the region was not yet stable for the Bolsheviks. The real power in Nakhchivan was still in the hands of the National Committee and there were still units of Turkish troops led by Khalil-bek.


Medieval history of Nakhchivan

The ancient land of Nakhchivan, located on the banks of the Araz River, with its rich history, has endowed the treasury of world culture with invaluable personalities. Nakhchivan, which is located above the Araz River due to its geographical conditions, was of great strategic importance. It is as if the Araz River has become the center of Nakhchivan’s recognition in the world. Ancient manuscripts provide brief information about the shape and content of the Araz River.