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Why should children die in the Caucasus again?

Children in the war

Recent events show that preparations for war are underway in the Caucasus region. Thus, during the rallies in Armenia, opposition representatives promise to work for the annexation of Karabakh to Armenia, and the issue of Karabakh will become more relevant with their coming to power. At the same time, statements by high-ranking officials that the Azerbaijani army will respond more seriously in the event of Armenia’s re-occupation plans in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict indicate that a new war is imminent.

Military-political situation in Nakhchivan. Part I

Despite the fact that the current Armenian government intends to sign a peace agreement with Azerbaijan, it does not take real action under pressure from Russia and constantly makes contradictory statements. However, according to the final opinion formed in the Armenian and Azerbaijani societies, it is impossible for Armenia to re-occupy Karabakh or establish any autonomy there. However, preparations for the war in Armenia continue. Due to the heavy losses in the Second Karabakh War, the Armenian side has begun to use the opportunities of citizens who are now children for a new war. Thus, despite being a minor, hundreds of Armenian children are being trained with weapons. For this purpose, many organizations have been established in Armenia. These organizations gather young people in specially organized bases and teach them the rules of use of weapons, forms of behavior in combat situations, ways to protect themselves from drones, etc. The active use of Russian-made Kalashnikov rifles during the exercises is particularly noteworthy.

Modern Nakhchivan History

Why should children die in the Caucasus again?

One of the established organizations, VOMA, was formed from former members of the ASALA terrorist organization, and it was stated that the purpose of the establishment was to educate Armenian youth with Armenian ideas and to organize trainings for this purpose. The organization’s Facebook page “Future Soldier Military Patriotism School” posted videos and photos about military training for children and promoted it, noting that these trainings are intended for children aged 10-17. The training process consists of fire training, martial arts and mastering the use of weapons. There is no charge for children participating in the training. This proves that the organization is funded by the Armenian state and at the same time by ASALA.

It should be noted that during the Second Karabakh War, also known as the 44-day war, there were numerous cases of Armenians using children in combat operations, but the Armenian side did not eliminate these cases, despite international agreements and serious violations of children’s rights. Thus, in accordance with Article 38 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, States Parties undertake to respect and ensure compliance with international humanitarian law applicable to children in armed conflict. According to paragraph 2 of the same article, the involvement of minors in military operations is prohibited.

Why should children die in the Caucasus again?