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About Us


During its many years of activity, the “Center for Historical Research of Nakhichevan” has played an important role in familiarizing the world with the historical realities of Nakhchivan, providing a wide range of readers with the necessary information about the population, lifestyle, historical development and current situation of this region. This information was obtained as a result of great efforts. As a result of researching the archives of the world and the countries of the region, as well as written valuable historical works, the information was collected and systematized by our professional staff. Our activities do not serve the interests of any person or state and are completely objective.

We will be glad if people contact us who can help in studying the history of Nakhchivan. At the same time, historical photographs related to Nakhchivan are collected by the Center.

“Center for Historical Research of Nakhichevan”, which is always in search of realities and truth, presents its website to its readers.

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